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30 Days of Productivity (Report)


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And First of all, sorry for my bad English. I'm unfortunately not living in an English speaking country.

I'm new here on the forum and would like to share an experiment with you.


With the occasion of the beginning of a new year and considering that my life is a total chaos at this moment from a social, emotional, spiritual and work perspective, I started a "productivity trial" to work on a couple of projects that will (hopefully) lead me out of this rather uncomfortable situation. As I thought that New Years resolutions are kind of too low level if you really need to change your life's circumstances, I'm doing a 30 day trial ( unfortunately I can't post URL's here, just google for it or search on Steve Pavlina's blog ) instead. The beginning date of this trial was today, January the 2nd (please don't ask me why I didn't start on January the 1st My trial will consist of spending 6 * 30 min of work on projects related to my college degree, 3 * 30 min of work on private projects (social, spiritual, long term life perspective, fun stuff etc.) and 1 * 30 min on important paperwork I have postponed for much too long, in addition to my scarcely existing daily routine. That's 5 additional hours, which might not sound like a lot but I'm only going to count the effective working time, not pseudo-working or distractions, so it's actually more than 5 hours. I'm also going to undertake some other experiments regarding nutrition, general fitness and hopefully improving my terrible English.


I'm planning to update this thread every couple of days or if something interesting happens. Until then please don't hesitate to give me your opinion, suggestions, criticism, death threats or any other kind of feedback!


Kind regards



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