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Weird picture posted after a weird night?


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So I posted before about this situation but I just need some general advice or am I over reacting.


Long story short, I was rejected by this guy who is a close friend of mine. There are still some obvious feelings at play on both our parts as we had gotten intimate before but he states he doesn't want a relationship. We ignored each other for the good part of last month at school because it was awkward for us. We went to the year end party together and spent the whole night together and ended up sleeping together, with me making my feelings known.


Someone at the party took a really couply looking picture of us. The day after it happened he had changed it to his profile picture and he NEVER changes it, he hadn't in 2 years. Everyone liked it and it made me feel really uncomfortable because he hasn't really made an effort to talk about what happened since. The picture is still up and it reminds me of that night and how I felt taken for granted again.


Does it mean anything that he put it up? I find it very odd and I'm thinking of asking him to take it down. I know it seems trivial but it has really been bothering me.

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