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this roommate thing


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I'm in a town where everyone wants to move to (this past year and more this year) so the rents have gone up considerably everywhere! About $300 minimum. You can no longer find a nice place for say $800... it's now at $1,100 even in the outskirts of town. Me moving right now isn't feasible.


I live with a friend and I'm going a little stir crazy she expects me to pay most of the utilities?? Water bill is allocated per person in the unit minus the usage but she still feels i need to pay like 3/4 of it and same with electric and gas. Then today $100 in all the bills and she basically paid maybe $30-40 total herself??


It's the holidays I'm not going to try to argue or start anything because I asked twice for her to explain it. Since I was out of town 3/4 weeks of december she said oh next month yours will be like $20 and then she goes this is the november bill actually. So I'm like um did I just pay you last month for October when I didn't live here??


Head ache and I don't know or get it and no matter how many times I ask for an explanation as of why she feels I need to pay more. Our rent went up a few hundred starting next month and I was like ok I'll pay more (bigger room) BUT utilities need to be split!


Can't do anything bout the most recent bill but I'll have to speak up next month, just don't know how to do it without offending her or something. I just didn't want to argue because it's the holidays and sigh... my dad said shes probably just jealous and thinks you should pay more so she can have a break from bills. I'm like uhm what?


I don't know my head hurts. Because holidays and just recently moving a couple months ago? I can't afford to move right now and its stressful. That's not a good mindset when the semester will begin soon. If I complain about the utilities she acts like I can't afford it and says well do you want to switch rooms because my room would be cheaper.

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It sounds as if your roommate is trying to get over and although your room is bigger; the utilities should still be split 50/50.


I would say something...Quick too!!!


Another thing, it sounds as if she's jealous because your room is bigger and if she's basing the bills on the size of your room, then that should have been discussed and agreed upon before the 2 of you signed the Lease Agreement.


Not cool!

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i moved in here so all the utilities were under her name... so I can't even see what the electric bill is every month because its an e-bill. I would almost feel like a b word or that I don't trust her if I ask to see it.


I did totally pay for 1 month I wasn't living here so that sucks. Next month though will be interesting I was gone most of december so I like to see that amount. We talked it over and agreed upon a percentage so that almost makes up for it.


I just kinda feel it may make our relationship as friends go sour or something and that's generally why I'm quiet.


I'll put my foot down in the next bill but its just I hate arguing and fighting etc. The other thing I didn't mention is that I'm home most of the time, more than her.. so I kinda get it with electric but not water and gas ya know?


I don't know it's just stressful and sucks!

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