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Why would he ask me out if he didn't mean it?


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Hi everyone,

I met a guy online. We talked and texted for a week or so before he asked me out. We went out and hit it off. He asked me out again for my next night off. I accepted and we continued to talk and text. He told me he wanted to see me New Year's Eve. I reminded him I work 3-11pm. He said he did not care and wanted to see me. I was reluctant. I would not be able to get anywhere until at least 11:30. I thought it would be better to keep our original plans so we would have more time to get to know one another. He said we could go to my house. I did not want to do that, he understood. I feel it is too soon to have a guy to my house. He kind of pestered me all day at work about meeting him. So after work, we met for a bite to eat. He asked if we could still go out the following night as originally planned. I agreed. The next day I asked him if we were still going out and what time and all. He said he would have to check with his sister to see if she was making New Year's dinner. She would not let him miss it. I was weirded out, he is 50 and this seemed like an odd excuse. I told him it was ok and I would be home taking down my tree. He responded that my night would not be a total loss then and that is all I heard from him. Thoughts??

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