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Unsure if I should take the risk...


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So I'm due to go in for surgery in the future. I attended the hospital for an assessment recently and this was carried out by a junior doctor. I must say that this girl was pretty, but the main thing that stood out was her personality. I just had this good feeling about her & when I left I found it hard to stop thinking about her for a while. We did seem to have a good rapport and she was very smiley, complimenting me and seemed interested in my life outside of the professional context we were in. This may just be her professional manner though.


I kind of wished I had asked her out at the time but was unsure if this would be appropriate or not. I am pretty shy, not so much in conversation (I can appear quite confident and relaxed) but when it comes to taking a shot I'm pretty poor at taking that step.


At the end of the assessment she said 'see you when you come back' but I know she is not the one who will be performing the surgery itself, so I am insure as to whether I will see her on the day in question. If I do see her I may ask her out then...but is this inappropriate due to the context?


I plan to maybe throw in one or two light compliments if I see her, gauge her reaction and go from there. If she asks me how I am, maybe saying "better now that I've seen your smiling face". But then, if I don't see her on the day, should I attempt to make contact anyway? I would have to ask a nurse for her name etc, and again unsure if this would be looked upon badly.


What are your opinions on this situation guys & gals? Thanks

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