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Hi everyone xx

pippy longstocking

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Hi Star, I hope you had a great Christmas. I did as well although the sinus infection from Hades has taken up residence in my head again. Hate that, why me is all I have to say.


Sadly I do not owe you any money, but that if that filthy rich uncle I keep hoping will be hidden away in an attic somewhere kicks it leaving his gazillions to me I will happily help. In the meantime though I must curse the fact that once again I've spent too much on Christmas. A shot of nog and brandy should sooth that all away though, at least temporarily.


Also it is freaking cold here in New Mexico, particularly in the mountains. How about there?

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hiya pp ..hahaha I hope that uncle turns up . I also spent an award winning amount of money ...but I haven't got myself in any debt I just need to be a tadge frugal for a couple of months. I did have a little left over to hit the sales though hehe ..I can rummage like a true professional.


yeah the temp has dropped here as well , I have my thermals on hahaha

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