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can i be having early preg symptoms?


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i started my last period on the 16th of december. it lasted all of 4 days and then my husband and i had sex. i dont start my period again for another 2.5 weeks but i feel funny. Ive been super nauseous.i cant even brush my teeth because it makes me gag. i sprayed perfume yesterday and almost threw up. certain foods are making me feel sick. i havent actually vomited just the extremely nauseous feeling. also my lower abdominal are is crampy, its feels tight, like its swollen. also has been making these horrible rumbling noises for the past three days. i ate pizza yesterday and almost threw up. i took a home preg test but it was negative, its still to early to tell. i just want to know if anyone else has had symptoms this early? i def feel different. i feel pregnant.

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