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I feel angry with her but with myself too, we broke up on the 11th because i caught her agreeing to go on a date with a guy, she denied everything and said she loved me and i thought we could work things out but three weeks later and i think ive been used.


Two weeks ago she said she didnt know if she wanted to be with me so i said i would stay away and i did but she kept coming back every night with a text saying she loves me or she misses me and i fell for it everytime and she would come over and we would spend two days together then she would go home and ignore me and still say she didnt know if she wanted to be with me, sometimes she would be nasty for no reason and was never nice till i left again. She was supposed to come over after the New Year but i said to her today that i think its best we dont see each other because nothing will change and i always feel crap afterwards, she says she never initiates sex/cuddles and kisses, no but she comes to me crying while i cuddle her saying she missed me, she calls herself my girlfriend, she calls me our names we had for each other, she gos home and its like im hated.


She says my family are the reason we broke up which isnt true, its that she is a liar and neglected our relationship which caused me to feel insecure and not forgetting the date with the other guy. I told her i knew she was lieing to me for the last 3 months of our relationship and that she had spoken to her ex everytime we had a fight, she lost her head and said its not true, ive seen it with my own eyes and she now sits up with him every night talking till 5am since weve broken up, she told me that her talking to him now has nothing to do with me, true but shes still a liar.


She went on to say my family are disgusting and she doesnt like any of them and that ill do nothing with my life because i currently dont have a job or study. It really hurt, she says we broke up because ill never do anything with my life, that ex she speaks to does nothing with his life but sit on his pc all day. This is the ex she just disappeared on and never spoke to for over a year as she met me and he speaks to her like what she did wasnt wrong, i never knew about him until half way through our relationship.


Ive deleted her on Facebook and blocked her, ive also removed her from my familys accounts on Facebook, i sent her a text that said just because she goes to University doesnt make it okay for her to put everyone else down and that depression is an illness its not an excuse to treat people who care about her like she does as she always says her behaviour is her depression and she cant help it. She forwarded my messages to someone, either her ex or her friend but she will never send them the disgusting message she sent me.


I got tired of been used, she kept me there with promises we would get back together but i dont think she ever wanted to but she wanted to still come here and have fun. Im not really hurting im just disapointed that shes not the girl i fell in love with anymore, she wants to be a victim and make me the bad guy. It wouldnt surprise me if this ex and her get back together, i know im better off without her, she tried to make me something im not, i wasnt allowed to laugh, it always had to be about her, i never once raised my voice or mistreated her but she lied to me and spoke to me like i was worthless.


I guess this is just a rant, a new start for the New Year.

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Hi. I am going through something similar. .. there are no other girls involved yet. ..I'm his second relationship. But I feel you on the whole break up with you ....text that they love and miss and need you. ...get together.....break up again. ...text they want you back.

Now he doesn't text me bc I don't text or answer his texts and I've deleted my fbook.


I honestly do not understand this myself. Two seconds ago I was the love of his life now it SEEMS so easy for him.


Did you read the grass is greener syndrome thread? It really helped me understand what's happening with my boyfriend....ex I mean.


They aren't sure what they want and they didn't give you real reasons because they don't even know the real reason. My bf was real real nasty to me the last couple days in the things he said to me and then would text an hour later saying I didn't deserve those words. However I believe he is using again so that's also a bit different than your gf.


I really do think you should try no contact. And Try to remember although it hurts bad....it will work out for the best. I hate thinking of being with anyone but him and vice versa....but maybe there is someone out there that's even better for us! Right? I mean we have to think that way. ...

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