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27 yr old man w 40 yr old woman. heartbreak on the horizon?


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Hello. I am a 27 year old male never been married no kids. Im a good looking guy finding and dating beautiful women has never been a problem for me.


Last year I met a girl, 40 years old. Looks 30. Never married no kids. She looks hot she is petite. Active. Half thaibhalf white so she is aging very well I cant believe she is 40. We fell in love quick. And im old enough to know it wasnt puppy love. We even took vacations together split it traveled hike. We were truly in love.


Now that its been a year its crap or get off the pot and I need to marry this girl. But now I have cold feet. Not only am I only 27 so I would be giving up everything because I only want one successful marriage but we would have to have kids NOW because of her age. Also what happens when I am 35 years old and she will be 48! That will make me resent her.


I feel so terrible, I told her. But its so sad. She is such an amazing person if only she was 35 or I was 35. And now she may never have kids. I care for this person deeply but I feel like down the road it could turn ugly. Please help.

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Your ages over time:


30 43


40 53


50 63


60 73


You have to accept this if you are going to marry her. Age gap relationship CAN work but you must be ok with certain things going in. Like the fact she will start to age, and the older you get the faster you age.


If you have kids with her she will be almost 60 when they are graduating from high school and likely to be in her 80's when they are planning their own weddings. Are you able to accept this as your future?

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