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Need help!


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Hi folks, first time on this as my head is pickled.


Im 23 and been in a relationship for 5 years to a man who is 38, he was my first boyfriend and ive only ever been with him sexually.

Anyway, long story short, im becoming very close to a man i work with who is 57, married for 25 years with 2 grown up kids. We havent had sex but we have crossed the line, we havent met up outside work but i think thats coming soon, i feel terrible and if i was reading this a couple of months ago about someone id be shocked and pissed off but i cant help myself, every day i go to work i have it in my head that im going to steer clear and every day i find myself looking for him. We are both pretty open with each other with feelings and talking about our relationships. Are we on the verge of having an affair? Has an affair already started? I think about him constantly and cant deal with it any longer.

Ive not spoke to anyone about this as i know how wrong it is.

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You should both finish your relationships and be together.... Or find out why you are seeking attention from another man... There must be something lacking in your own relationship for you too wonder!!


Alot of people will get hurt just for your desire too want this man!! You DO NOT want too be known as the "home wrecker"


Lack of communiction is the no1 cause of wondering eyes.. Re connect with your loved 1.


If fails then be single!!

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