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Feel like I've been broke up with again


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Saw my ex out the other night and we got talking said he still had feelings for me and doesn't know what to do, one thing led to another and I ended up staying the night at his and sleeping with him, he has a girlfriend of 2 months who he got with 3 weeks after we split.

The next day he tells me he's happy in his new relationship, and he isn't going to tell her, he says he does still have feelings for me and I will always have a special place in his heart but he is happy with this new girl and wants me to meet someone and be happy too.

He asked if we could be friends and I declined saying its best we don't speak and he said 'whenever you want to talk let me know, I'll always be here for you'


Help me stick to no contact this time guys! I feel completely used and worthless.

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I feel bad for dumpees unless they are engaged in cheating behavior. I really feel bad for his new gf who won't know what happened.


One thing does not lead to another. And he most definitely did not use you. I think you should take responsibility for what you wanted. You heard him say he had feelings and you hoped he would want to dump the new girl after sex.


You are in control of your self. Yes your ego is bruised but stay focused. Be a woman of integrity and stay away from a guy in a relationship.

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Agreed. Of course you knew what you were doing. You had sex with him because you were hoping to steal him away from his girlfriend -- which is not classy or cool -- and is frankly extremely selfish and cruel behavior. I feel awful for HER -- nobody deserves that.


But incredibly it sounds like the *only* thing you regret is that he told you the next morning that he wasn't leaving her for you!


If you can really OWN your share of the blame for what just went down, then no one here needs to tell you anything to *help you stay NC*...... because the truth of what you just did would be motivation enough and you shouldn't have a problem making sure it never happens again.


Wherever you were when you saw your ex? Don't go there again for the next few months. If it means not going out to any of the bars or clubs in your town for the next few months, not going to any parties, then do it. Just avoid anyplace you might see him. And of course keep him completely blocked online. If you haven't blocked him on your cell phone, I'd do that now -- or just get a new number so he can't text you for anymore booty calls.


I really hope this has been a learning experience for you.

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