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seven years of marriage getting over


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This is my story, I am married for 6 1/2 years and has a daughter of 5 years, when I met my wife I was convinced that she was the one. When I met he had sex but I couldn't pleasured her since it's has been a long time that I haven't had sex before I met her, " I cum quick" but I had sex before several times when I was engaged.so I know I can have sex.... we got married and had our honeymoon and it was 1 month of pure fantasies and happiness. when we came back again I felt the same problem. I worked very long hours and keep myself busy at work as my situation at work was very stressful and was afraid to lose my job.... we started to have arguments and we don't talk for days... she blamed me for being changed and so on.. I did my best to support her with what I can.. yes I did tells her bad things due to being angry which I regrets. she was pregnant and went back for delivery and during this time I felt attracted to one girl but nothing happened as my conscience didn't allow me. Our sexual problems continued and I used to pleasure some other way but she denied and wanted to have penetration only... I supported her financially and make sure that nothing is missing at home.. she was free I never stopped her from going out with her friends but still she tells me that I treated her like a slave.. she always has her phone with her and I never had access with it or even her Facebook. once I saw her ex boyfriend commented on her picture " several times" recently I bought a house in her home country which is under her name. She always tells me that I never did anything for her and I made her sick when I reminded her that I just bought a 2 bedroom flat she replied that there are men that gives palaces to their wives and this is nothing by the was the time that I bought the house her brother as well wanted to buy a house and didn't have the down payment and I gave the down payment. Recently we had an argument and she told me that she don't need me and when I replied to her that if you have so much capacity why you don't get your own house and work permit since she is under my sponsorship but during this time I was processing her paper, after 2 days she called and tells me that no need to do her visa as her company will do as she don't want to be under my sponsorship since I recently brought her mother for 3 month to stay with us as a tourist visa, and it was time to do her residency there was a new law that sponsorship can be done only if a person has a certain salary which I didn't met the criteria. when I told her this she told me that I don't want to do the visa of her mother but anyway her friend will do " I don't know her friend" the friend did a visa as a business partner for the mother. The mother blames me for everything that I do and even tells me that I'm not a man since I'm Cumming fast.... my wife blames me for not doing sports and that I'm fat and not attractive.. I'm 5"6 and weight 82k.


I don't know what to think or do I'm very depressed even though I was wrong at times with her but never stopped loving her and tried maximum to keep her happy with all her demands. she told me that she doesn't have any feelings for me only that I'm the father of the child.


please advice me

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