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What are your New Year's Resolutions?


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It's that time of year again! What are things you are going to do differently in 2014 to improve yourself?


Here are mine:


1. Lose weight. Yup. I'd like to lose 50 lbs. Yikes. That number is so depressing just staring at it. Maybe I'd like to lose 10 pounds, 5 times over. There, that's better.

2. Be more proactive at finding love. Get back into the swing of dating and going to events and meeting guys when some of that weight comes off. On one hand, I definitely got more attention from men when I was slimmer. On the other hand, the relationships weren't necessarily better. But all in all, it's important for my health and energy levels. And self-confidence too. I have friends that go on bad date after bad date, and they just get back on the horse and try again. Me - I get discouraged and shut down. I do admire my friends with a thicker skin.

3. Keep a happiness jar - write good things that happen to me in 2014 on a slip of paper, put them in a jar, and read them at the end of the year.

4. Be better about organization and being neat - I'm great with this at work, at home I get sloppy. I will set up a consistent cleaning/organizing schedule.

5. Get some specific projects at work done that I've been putting off for a while.

6. Pay off credit card bills - I just paid one off in full this month, the next one should be done in March. I'd like to have them paid off this year, or early 2015.

7. Go on more weekend getaways with friends. Note, this resolution is in opposition to #6, haha!

8. Dance more!

9. Work on my foreign language skills so I don't lose my fluency. This might involve a foreign language coffee table. Maybe I should organize one on link removed if it doesn't exist.

10. Read more books! Partially, that is also to get rid of stuff and be more organized. If the book is ok but not mind blowing, especially if it's a paperback, i like to give it away, or leave it at a hostel where I am staying.


What about you guys?

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I do not actively make lists anymore. I have never found them productive for me. I find life so fluid and changeable. I try not to have "dates" where things HAVE to be done. Eg I will lose x amount of weight in 6 months. That always seems to doom people to disappointment.


The older I get the more fluid and changing life becomes. I begin to see endless scenarios and directions in which to travel.


All that exists is change. So be accepting of fluidity and change.


But all that said I have a few general thoughts and ideas.

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I need to put this out there so I have a better chance of achieving it. I hope to get my drivers license in 2014.

I want to continue my work on being more positive and in having positive energy in the home -meaning letting things roll off my back as much as possible so that I'm not expressing frustration externally (or even hopefully internally). And by expressing I mean - not even those "sighing" or negative sounds - those can add up and take away from peacefulness in the home. Maybe that sounds too granola crunchy but when I focus on that and become aware of my reactions to every day annoyances it becomes more and more of a habit.

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1) start riding my bike again. Haven't ridden in over a year..wanna get the legs in top shape again


2) Have less work related drama.


3) stay away from negative/toxic people.


4) live in the moment...and not worry so much about the 'what ifs'.


5) just be happier/ more positive. Be grateful for what I have.

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I try to stay away from really specific lists because I find that if I can't or don't achieve what's on my "list," I get down on myself. That said, a few things I hope to work on this new year:


1) Continuing to build/nurture my friendships and other relationships;

2) Eat healthier and continue exercising;

3) Focus more on my writing;

4) Work on my house -- get it painted, do some landscaping in my backyard, organize my garage storage, etc.;

5) Save some money

6) Make myself more open to dating/relationships -- I didn't go on even one date in 2013.

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Going to be a great year for me to be married and halfway done with grad school!


1. Manage better stress control, especially during wedding planning (cannot wait for June 2014 for it to be over!!)

2. Be ready to work on any improvements on a first year of marriage.

3. Spend more time to work out. I did it before and had a great body... I can do it again.

4. A career by summer. This part time work isn't stable though it helps me be flexible with school.

5. Save for house.

6. Have only 1 semester left of grad school by the end of the next year!

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1. Stop letting past friendships and relationships drag me down.

2. Keep going to the gym. I've made good progress in the last few months and am probably fitter and stronger than I've been in 20 years, but I need to start working on weight loss. Currently 220lbs, Target 196lbs.

3. Learn to trust again. Make new friendships and hopefully find a new healthy relationship.

4. Practice meditation. Learn to let go of stress and anxiety. Start enjoying life for a change.

5. Start making some real income £££.

6. Go surfing in Cornwall

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1. Start to see myself through my eyes not someone else's

2. Eyes forward, no looking back.

3. Seek wisdom, mercy, grace, and strength.

4. Take some classes.

5. Find a job that will allow me to still be there for my children.

6. Learn to be a kid again and have fun.

7. Get in better shape, eat healthier, get kiddos involved too.

8. Learn to look for the positive, count my blessings, make a joyful noise, key word noise: )

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Focus on renewing my commitment to fitness and building my client base.

Plan vacation to Greek Islands.

Focus on today... and tomorrow... not the past.

Pay it forward...as I have been blessed many times over.

Limit my time on ENA...I have shared most of what I know!

Be grateful for each and every day of peace and happiness.

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I want to tone up, and be able to fit comfortably in a size 10 again.. Not too far off, considering the time of year it is.. Ideally by my birthday..

I am going to do some online courses related to psychology - addiction being one of the modules.. Also tempted to do some within forensics (hey its free why not?)

Make a decision on a post graduate course and apply!

Get into volunteering with as many different areas as possible..

All of these are achieveable and aren't really resolutions, ok well maybe the weight one.

oh and find someone to be with, being single isn't bad, but I would kind of like to share my life with someone next year lol

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As some have mentioned, I also don't make specific lists, but only because of the changing nature of life. I really liked the "fluidity" term that Victoria66 used to describe it. It's not that I fall short of my goals sometimes, its more often that what I think I want in the beginning of the year turns out to be something completely different by the end of the year, so I usually look back and say "Well, it still worked out in some fashion"


That said, goals are important to me all year round and a lot of mine aren't "ended" or "started" because of the end or start of the year (which at this time are occurring pretty close to one another).


So, in general, my goals for 2014 are:


- Work on my social skills, yes with the intention of finding a girlfriend, I won't hide that motivation, but also to make new friends and to be a better customer service employee (not that that's my end all be all career, but people skills will make me better at whatever I pursue), learn to listen more and not just speak. Learn to make jokes more appropriately, in a way that will really lift spirits and not just incite a cheap laugh.


- Improve in my artistic endeavors, not nessecarily the skill (although brushing up on techniques is certainly important) but in passion and in getting started. I lagged a bit this past year in getting motivated so I want that to change, no matter what the end results end up being. After all, nothing ventured nothing gained.


- In general, I want to be a shoulder to lean on and also more of a leader than in years past.


- Taking from what others have said, I'd love to "have fun" again and not take things so seriously. It would go a long way in reducing stress and being more accessible towards others. People like being with people who look like they're having a good time, so why not become one of those people?


- Count my blessings, stay positive and realize that for the most part, I'm the sole executor of my actions and need to take responsibility for them. Others will help me occasionally but it's not their obligation and I shouldn't take things so personally if I get involved with someone else on any project/relationship/endeavor and it doesn't go as planned. It's part of life and I need to accept that rather than take it out on another person or myself.


I could go on with more generalizations but basically all of these things and more and they all tie together. Depending on where the early part of the year takes me, I may need to focus on some goals more than others or I may find that none of my own suggestions are very useful, in which case, I'm right back at the old drawing board. So, best of luck and Happy New Years to all!



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