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Alcohol and antidepressant

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I am on cipralex (lexapro) and I've been on it for about a month now, I only take 10mg every night at ten. I don't know if I'm creating this worry for nothing I know that I shouldn't be drinking on antidepressant and I haven't but at Christmas Eve, I only had one glass of wine during supper time (around 7) and I drank it very slowly and ate food. Around 10 I took my cipralex and the only thing I felt differently was that I was very drowsy that night. The next night after I took it, I've been feeling more anxious than usual. I hope it's not because of that glass of wine that other night, that the medication is having trouble working? The pharmacist said moderately alcohol is ok, (glass or one beer at most) even my doctor said it was ok the only difference is that I'll get drunk quicker. Am I worrying for nothing?

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