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How to break Facebook addiction?

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Hi, this sounds kooky and it is.


I've been broken up less than a week, and have been very minimal on contact bar kind, well wishing texts over Xmas. I've been hoping to get to a stage of complete NC and for that to feel ok.


My problem is this: my exbf has left his Facebook open on my phone. And I have been looking. Tonight, 3.30am a pretty girl friend requests him. The bar he goes to shuts at 3.00am. So there, it looks like he's moving on half of me (prob least healthy) feels like I don't want to log off the account because it's like not quite losing him, other half says I'm moving into bunny-boiler territory and I'm not sure it helped having this info, gutting thing is, she not only is attractive, she has a 'nice face', younger than me too, his type all over. I'm still a bit in shock so can not explain emotions yet.


Anyone suggest what I should do please?

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I realize the temptation, but nothing good can possibly come from this. No scenario where you come out feeling better.


Log out, clear the cache or history or whatever you have to do. Delete Facebook if needed. Snooping is only going to keep you attached, as you stated, and moving on will take so much longer.


Cut the contact (including FB), and you've got the quickest route to moving on.

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I've logged off. Kind of answered my own question really. Thanks for your responses.


Although my I immediate reaction was to click 'not now' to the request, so they are not as yet fb friends.


Have I lost my mind?


I understand why you would do that. However, you cannot prevent him from meeting other people. You cant be there all the time to make sure nobody approaches him. It's over and it is beyond your control. Focus on yourself now, maybe start adding some nice lookin guys?

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Dear Miss Pebbles


Facebook and other sites like twitter, instagram etc are, without a doubt, noooooo good when trying to mend a broken heart!


Liberate said it all with one word.



Please please PLEASE do not torture yourself by keeping tabs on what your ex is doing. I did it, and it hurt like hell!


I tried to be included in social media, not realising the sneaky "other people" had blocked me already. Silly me. I was made aware of this a long time later by a mutual friend who did not realise the extent of sneakiness being employed.


I still viewed bits and peices however..due to the nature and accessability of those sites through other mutual friends... which broke my heart and confused me even more.


Dont torture yourself. IGNORANCE is BLISS when applied to an ex. Delete. Block. REMOVE.


If you find yourself tempted, remind yourself over and over and over that you will be tortured by visual net-based reminders!

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Thank you all. Logging out was the only option (and perhaps a good metaphor for a relationship that has reached an end).


I am now much more free to concentrate on me, and getting myself together. Feeling more positive now, who knows what will happen another time, but it is better this way.

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