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Need help on how to get her back please


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Okay so my story is a little different. This girl I have known for 5 years. She came to my school (Middle School) after her mother died and before that her father did. I began to start talking to her as a friend and we grew close and we ended up "dating" or whatever you call that in middle school. We thought we loved each other and ended up breaking up a year later because we were both pretty immature. We sort of talked about getting back together throughout the next year and nothing really worked. Our Junior year of high school we decided to actually become friends, best friends even. I still wanted to be with her so I did everything I could to be nice to her and show her that I truly did care about her. Eventually we got to talk about us and decided to start dating again. We grew very close over the next year and then after our senior year was over we had one summer before we both went off to different schools although they were only an hour away. We had talked and both felt like we did love each other and thought we would be able to last and get married. She has had trust issues and I was finally able to start gaining her trust a lot. Both of us would come back home often and we tried to visit each other as much as possible. We both started working and it got busy but it didn't affect our relationship. Then in November I started getting lazy in the relationship without realizing it. I broke small promises about calling her and then ended up not calling. This hurt her but I didn't realize it. It was to a point where we would really only text and not much, it was like we didn't have anything interesting to say anymore. I didn't put in an effort like I used to because I got "busy" and thought that nothing could break us up. One day she didn't contact me at all even though I texted her 4 different times. For some reason I thought she was just busy so I didn't think much of it and thought she would contact me the next day. Well 2 days after this she told me that she was no longer happy in our relationship. I called immediately and freaked out a bit because I did not want to lose her. I tried to tell her I was sorry and that I didn't know why I was acting like our relationship didn't mean anything anymore. We ended the conversation because it was late and we had finals so we decided to talk the next day. The next day came and I texted her in my classes but she didn't respond until later saying she was at a friends and was eating dinner. I kept asking to come see her and she said no that she was busy. I kept trying to let me come over and talk but she ended up stop responding. The next day she told me she was done because of everything that she already told me and because I wouldn't leave her alone when she was at her friends. I drove to her work after she got off to see her that day and try to convince otherwise. I got carried away and basically begged her not to. I know I should have calmed down and just talked to her but its like she pushed a button inside of me and I lost logical thought and just used emotions. She was pretty pissed after that because she told me not to come see her at her work because she didn't want to make a scene but I came anyway. The next day I contacted her and told her I was sorry and that I will give her as much time as she needs but to not give up on our relationship. The next day she called and we officially broke up. I didn't contact her for the next two weeks until two days ago when I went to see her and formally apologized for everything keeping my cool and not getting emotionally stupid. She did actually let me apologize but that was it she didn't really have anything else to say but I saw that she was thinking and looked a sad and upset.

Sorry this was so long but I needed to share this. I just need to know if anyone knows how I can get her back. We both have grown close to each other and she told me that if I ever left her she would go insane because she has lost so much. I know that everything she has told me about us and our future is true but I have caused a big rift and need to know how to close it. Thank you anyone reading this.

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