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My ex contacted me after over a year of NC

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I haven't posted here in such a long time... But with recent events I thought I'd like to share my story. My ex and I broke up over a year ago and the break up was mostly one sided, I was completely taken by surprise. After processing everything I went strictly NC because I knew it was no good for me to have any contact with him. Months the break up, I entered another not so great relationship. (the guy was a Workaholic who didn't spend as much time with me as I would've liked.) generally, I was just unhappy and wondering what I was doing wrong... How could I not find the type of relationship I was looking?


Thus is when I began to do a lot of soul searching and entered therapy to try to figure out how to better myself and find the relationship that I wanted. After a few weeks of being in therapy I broke up with the Workaholic boyfriend, realizing that I just was not happy overall. For a few months I focused on myself, working on hobbies, doing more things by myself, and making a concerted effort to meet people and break out of my shell a bit by going to meet ups. My therapist eventually encouraged me to date, though I didn't feel I was ready but she believed I was just scared. Eventually I did work up the courage to date again, reentering the online dating scene.... However this time I had a much better idea of what I was looking for and was better able to recognize red flags and weed out those who weren't quite was I was looking for.


I eventually found a great guy, who at first glance isn't my usual type, but he met everything I was looking for. A few days from now will be our four month anniversary and I've never been happier. There's no questions the relationship and things have just been comfortable and easy from the start.


Yesterday out of the blue I heard from my ex after over a year of NC, basically thanking me for helping him with certain aspects of his life blah blah.... I'm not planning to reply to his message as there really is no point and I don't have anything to say to him. It seems that they always come when least expected. I just wanted to offer some words of encouragement for anyone going through a tough break up, that it does goes better just focus on you and focus on making positive changes. It seems that there aren't enough positive posts on ena.


Hope everyone has a happy holiday!

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