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To my fellow ENA'ers..

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To all you ENA'ers who are alone, in pain, in turmoil, facing great challenges, dealing with illness, job loss, uncertainty, broken relationships or the loss of loved ones...this one is for you.




There is not a man or woman amongst us, who if he/she lives long enough, does not experience a really desolate Christmas because of circumstances beyond his control, or ability to cope. Some of my dearest friends have dealt with unimaginable pain in 2013 and I know that for them, this is a tough time. And I think of those of you whom I don't know, who are enduring struggle that may feel like it is beyond your ability to prevail.


Hang in there. Stay positive and know that this too shall pass. Better days are ahead, I assure you. Remember the message of the season, the universality of human suffering and keep moving forward with resolve and determination. You are not alone.

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Saw this thread...and as I can't sleep...decided to add to it.


Two years today...I sat with my mum in the emergency room of a hospital. Two more days and I was signing the hospice paperwork. The hell of the fall was nearing its end. We sat and waited for hours to get her admitted. We talked of the elephant in the room...her pending death.


And God bless her...she gave me peace. She told me that this ordeal was harder on me than her.

That she was at peace and ready to go. That she loved me beyond measure.


I left her to sleep and drove home with tears. Called my sis on the West coast and told her to make plans to come out. Again. And yet sis told me that she heard a change in my voice...peace...acceptance. And that is was the greatest Christmas gift of all.


And it is...was.


So to all those that are grieving today...a lost love, a lost loved one.


I wish you peace. Those that have loved us will always be a part of us.

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