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He broke up with me, made excuses, and now he's seeing someone new


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You both have good points. Now I doubt he knew the reason why... I don't know if he lied consciously or not, but when he explained himself to me, he always seemed to be grasping at straws.

I just wanted a proper explanation because I wanted to stay friends with him... but I realise that it doesn't matter now. We will never be like how we were before our relationship, and I don't want to either. Not after what has happened.


I wouldn't worry about why. You want a man who is confident about you.


Thank you Ms Darcy... It's true. He's not a bad guy, though... he's a great friend towards his buddies, but not boyfriend material; not for me at least. I want someone who's sure about me. Someone who wouldn't think twice about his feelings for me. I will start with a clean slate this new year, and focus on myself. Sooner or later someone better will come along, but I won't rush it.


I won't wallow in what ifs and whys anymore, so I won't post anymore in this thread. It was nice to just talk it out, get feedback and to look at things from another angle. Thanks to you all!

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One of the hardest things to learn how to do is to break it off from people who aren't everything you need/want/wish for in a partner. And when they leave, it's also difficult. Look on the bright side, you're free right now to build yourself towards that relationship that will last - best of luck!

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