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Since Saturday I have been home for the holidays, which means I won't see the boy until tomorrow evening. Last night I had this crappy dream that he just stopped talking to me and lost interest while I was away. Needless to say I've woken up and wished I was with him. I've had sucky dreams before and when he's there I'm just able to wrap my arms around him and take it with a grain of salt but since I wasn't able to do that this dream has effected me a little bit more than usual.


I do have this "fear" of people ignoring me, that's how every single boyfriend of mine has broken up with me. Ignored me for a week and then finally ended it. Don't get me wrong I am fine with not talking to someone all day but its the deliberate ignoring that gets to me. Hate to feel this way with Christmas coming tomorrow so I need to wipe this feeling fast!


Anyone had crazy dreams that have effected them?


This is more just to get everything off my chest instead of dwelling on it

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