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HELP!!! Only 4mnt Relationship and I miss her alot!

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My ex and I broke up about 2 1/2 months ago and I miss her tremendously! People think Im dumb and stupid for missing her after everything that has happened.


When we began talking she was just getting out of a bad relationship and she wanted to be work things out with me because the type of guy I was. We dated and she meet all my family as well as me meeting part of her family. We didnt get into that many arguements and when we did we would talk things out and work them out. Everyday was a new day with her and the times we spent together were real! She pushed me to my potential as well as me pushing her. She brought out the best in me. We shared the same dreams and wants. We would spend time with each other just about every day with each other.

I think I drug my feet to ask her to be my girlfriend because I wanted it to be special.


She went out of town...Mid vacation we got into a pointless fight. Her ex got to her as well that vacation was post to be both of them. She got back into town and I was trying to work things out. We would always fight over text and it didnt go well. She came to my house drunk and we got in a big fight that made things worse.


Weeks later we started talking again and wanted to work things out but i had to control my emotions because its not what she wanted and how it was in the beginning of the relationship before she left on vacation.


Thing that sucks the most is that we work together and alot people started talking and spreading rumors.

I heard things like she got back with her ex as well as messing around with people at work. I called her out on some of the things and she got mad and very defensive and wanted nothing to do with me.


Week before Thanksgiving she texted me to stop talking about what we had and what is going on with us. I agreed as well as telling her to not put the blame on me because she just as guilty as I am. We stopped talking and pushed everybody away she used to talk to.


I still think about her. I miss her tremendously. Everything reminds me of her!


I want closure!


I dont know what to do whats so ever!!! I need help...

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