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Been long distance for a few years. Always worked out for us. We went through our ups and downs we were always friends until we became exclusive. I never felt so lonely or hurt. Not only did he treat our anniversary as if it was any normal day which really hurt me. (The first year we set a date) I havent heard from him in two nights when I had to hear from a mutual friend that he went out riding and hurt himself (he knows I hate it and it scares me when he rides.) And now hes at a friends wedding and he didnt even care enough to message me to tell me hes okay or busy when im here crying worried sick about him. His phones disconnected and can only message via wifi. But he could of messaged me from a friends phone. Anything! Anything! He didnt care too! He got ready at home where he had access to wifi and he couldnt care to find a minute to message me. I understand if youre busy but to disregard me. To not include me in your daily life. I'm so mad. So much resent! I'm so hurt that he makes me feel this distance when we are already distant. I'm so hurt he doesnt make me feel special. I dont care for gifts or being showered with material things but the thought counts as little as taking the time to write me a poem it would make me the happiest girl alive. why doesnt he think of me. I waited for him for years years to be the man i want him to be and i know he loves me so much i feel it hes loyal he makes it known to everyone im the one he loves but im so lonely and he doesnt do anything out of the ordinary to make me feel like im loved or wanted or appreciated when I give him my all. When I give him every ounce of me. id give him my smile as long as i know hes smiling. I always go out of my way to surprise him or be there 100% so he doesnt feel the distance but he doesnt do the same for me

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