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I'm confused???


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I am going into high school and there is a girl who is already in high school, (a grade ahead of me but is supposed to be in my grade) and i have a crush on her. We went to the same school before high school, but we are are going separate ways.

I have a friend that is also this girls friend. I told her that I liked this girl and she went and told the girl I have a crush on. She asked me in a text if this way true. I said yes, and she admitted that she liked me too. Later on I asked her out. She said no to one reason: Because I will never see her. (She lives a few streets away from me.) Things then got really awkward. So we became normal friends again. She talked me less and less as time went on. I always started the conversations. Eventually contact. Her phone smashed and broke, so I couldn't say anything to her at all at the time. The friend I told about my crush made us friends again, and I asked her to see what her true feelings for me were. She said that the girl had said she never liked me, she said that she did to make me feel better. She thinks I am weird, and that's that. (Her friend is in the girls grade) That's when the end of the year came, a couple of weeks ago. I saw her the another night at a community function, one of her friends said hello, and she gave me a stare with absolutely no facial expression. We used to be really good friends, after her friend stepped in, there were good days and bad days (I saw them on the bus, that was the only time on school days) I was friends with her for a few years, and she invited me to one of her parties a few years ago, I was the only guy there. She claims her mum told her to invite me because she had seen me when I had visited her house before. I can't tell if she either HATES me, or she is trying to cover up the fact that she does like me, but she doesn't want me to brag to everyone (She might have told her friend the truth but told her to cover it up) Anyone got an idea?

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