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I do not understand tears...


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I am a 15-years-old girl seeking help on the topic of tears. Unlike most of my peers, I never cried over physical pain, not even breakages of bones. When my best friend left my school, I was really upset and I wanted to cry badly, yet I could not. Despite not crying over physical pain and unable to cry even when I want to, I still burst into tears whenever I am in a fight with my father. Every time I try to shout at him, tears fall out of my eyes helplessly, preventing me from delivering my words clearly. When I am in a fight with my father, I always try to hold my tears back, yet I could not.


I do not understand why I do not cry over physical pain.

I do not know why I cannot cry over something I am very overwhelmingly upset by.

Moreover, I have no idea why I still cry in a fight with my father, despite trying not to. I mean, the words do not even hurt me.


I am very sorry about my troublesome post and it will be greatly appreciated if you could help, or just give me a reply.


Thank you very much,


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