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HUGE fight.. need someone to help me


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First Ill give a rundown of who I/we are. I am a 26 year old male she is a 22 year old female. Both born and raised in Ohio, both moved to Florida this year. Me in June her in April. We met and things kinda hit off right away. I have a rocky past of trust issues from my womanizing past in college which has led to insecurities (yes i know thats my own fault). So in the beginning I was constantly berating her and accusing her etc... we didnt speak at all for about 2-3 weeks then finally started talking again and became official in september. Up until now its been rocky to say the least. She was married before (just so she could legally move to Japan) to her bf whom she admits was a mistake. Shes legally separated now and he is returning to Ohio soon and has become extremely jealous of her and keeps asking her to get back together and give it another shot etc.. she wants no part of it.. its affecting her mood at this point too because hes very persistent in an annoying way.


This is where the fight happened... today actually about an hour ago..


She texts me and says that "PS I had to take our relationship off FB, long story sorry dont be mad" I called her right away and asked why and she gave some half ass response saying she didnt want to talk about it and I said well its my life too I think i should know.. and she hung up and turned off her phone. I was at the gym down the road from her apt so I stopped there after I left the gym.. I know her code to her apt so I tried it but the deadbolt was locked so I knocked (my phone is dead at this point) and finally she answers and I asked to come in and she said no not now.. So i got mad of course and just walked in and stubbed her toe and she flipped and started throwing haymakers at me... im 5'9 175 and shes 5'2 but regardless of the size difference it still hurt lol but i just grabbed her arms and tried to calm her down but she started screaming and crying HYSTERICALLY and telling me to get out and that she hates me etc etc etc finally she told me why she had to take it off FB apparently the ex said he was going to go to court and get his money back (the military benefits he had to split with her while she was here and he was in Japana because they were still married technically). Apparently he is claiming that she cannot be with anyone else and accept these benefits.. I thought this was horsecrap because how could a court know we weer even together and its a relationship not a marriage... its not a legally binding relationship.. I felt like he was just because crazy and over the top so I tried telling her this and she got pissed at me for always because so dramatic about facebook etc.. so she swings the front door open, more fun for me because the door drills me in the face, then storms off and goes to her car. I sat down at her kitchen table to cool off for a minute.. then 15 mins later I went to my car and noticed her car was gone too.. I am driving away and I called her and she is still screaming saying she never wants to see me again she hates me shes done with me i hurt her toe i have no respect for her things (just pushing the door open into her apt is what she was referring too) and she wouldnt even let me get one word out....


her phone is broken now because she smashed it on the ground.. I dont know where she is and have no way to get in touch with her.. I am worried for her because I care about her A LOT.. i spend pretty much every day with this girl since august, either she is at my house or I am at her house. Just this morning I took her home and everything was perfect she left kissed me goodbye and said i love you blah blah


I dont know what to do... I am the type of person who needs to know shes okay.. I need to see her to make sure we're okay.. I dont want our relationship to end I love this girl to death.. shes my best friend and is the only person who makes me happy. I am 1200 miles away from home she is all I know here also.


BTW I never cry and I cried hysterically when I got home and saw her shirt on my bed... I just need someone to tell me something helpful.. sorry I dragged that on...

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Just after I posted this she texted me


"I got a new phone at Apple. I shouldnt have been physical with you Im sorry but you dont get it at all and you were so out of line for how you acted. Im officially drained. I cant anymore. I snapped"


Obviously I havent replied and I wont reply.... but I know after 30 minutes If I dont reply she is going to say "hello?" and Ill probably cave because I dont want her to worry.

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Ok... A few things.


You were breaking entry when you tried to force yourself into HER apartment. You had the choice to walk away when she refused you to come onto her property. And because you injured her, she could easily tell the police you broke in and assaulted her first, and you would be arrested. You had no right to do that. None of this would have escalated to the level it did by making that simple choice.

She is lying her face off and you know it.

She resorted to physical violence. She was repeated hitting you.

She lost control over her emotions, threw a temper tantrum like a child, and smashed her own phone.

She overreacted and is putting on a "show" over social media for everyone on her friends list to see that involves you all for her ex husband. Talk about humiliation.



Do yourself a favor and get rid of this relationship. It's not worth the drama if she has treated you in such a way. Also... When people do not allow you to come into their home, don't force yourself inside. It's not only rude, but it's breaking the law. If I had a boyfriend who barged into my home, I would be dialing the police in a heartbeat for trespassing and breaking entry.

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