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Sorry to have to bother you all. I really dont know what to do, who to speak to.


I'm spending Christmas alone this year. It was meant to be one of the most exciting Christmas's I have had since I was a child however, it's going to be the worst on record.


Why? My family are all away this year so I will be on my own. Also, I was meant to spending this Christmas with my girlfriend who I have been seeing for one year (anniversary was meant to be Christmas eve) and her family but she has split up with me. What makes it worse it that she is 4 months pregnant with our first baby. She split up with me. it wasn't what I wanted but it is out of my hands. There really is nothing I can do about it. It's her final decision. Now you can understand why it was meant to be one of the most exciting. A baby on the way and our first proper Christmas together.


Why has she split up with me?


She has spent the entire time being pregnant having a go at me for the most ridiculous things. She has just generally spoke to me and treated me like sh1t. Here's an example. She split up with me last week because in the last 3/4 weeks I have followed 2 girls that I am friends with on twitter .. that is all. These are 2 girls i am friends with, have both their numbers and if i saw them in the street i would stop and chat. Apparently Im now a creepy and a sleaze.


All I keep thinking about is just getting a bottle of vodka and stocking up on pills and I know when I'm drunk I'll do it and there will be nobody there to help. I'm in absolute bits really trying to hold it together but she has no idea. It's all a laugh to her and she's being so unfair, mean and hurtful.


How am I going to cope when the baby is born and I'm in hospital holding him/her and then I have to hand him/her over to the mother and go home?


It's just like she has changed into a completely different selfish, hurtful, controlling obsessive person and she can't see how she treats me.


All I want is for her to move back in and go through this pregnancy together and bring our baby into the world together. I have refurbished the spare room with new plaster on the walls, newly painted walls, really nice curtains and carpet and also brand new furniture and a cot also for christmas, one of her presents is a photo album filled with pics of us and the first pic is a scan of the baby and i wrote in it " our family"





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Dude she's pregnant.....pregnant women can have a massive hormone imbalance which causes them to become highly emotional, have erratic behavior, and be depressed. I believe this is what has led to the breakup. Ditch those girls, you don't need to socialize with them, they are not important. Contact her family and try to set the story straight with them, and show concern for her recent behavior change. It's possible she could be a candidate for Postpartum Depression, which is concerning.


I think she will come around once she's had some time to think. Never say it's over for she's having your baby.


Knowledge is power. do your research. There are tons of prenatal care sites that can help you understand what she is going through with this pregnancy.

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Thankyou for your reply.


Everybody I speak to says that being pregnant is no excuse for the way she has behaved. Constantly having a go at me for the stupidest thing, talking to me like crap and saying disgusting hurtful things. I do however have one close friend and his girlfriend is due to give birth very soon as he has had a nightmare with his girlfriend and her erratic behaviour.


I've been there for her, complimented her all the time, gone out my way for her. Only last Tuesday i worked a 12 hour shift, got home then spent 3+ hours running her round doctors because she was poorly.


But then again this erratic behaviour has started when she was pregnant. I mean, shes always been a bit hard work but not on a regular basis like this.


Last week she was adament it was over for good, half an hour later she rang me wanting to see me for cuddles?


I shall try and do some research. Thankyou

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