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Things I have learnt about myself


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Since you cannot tell someone you've changed only show them and atm I'm being given no opportunity to prove anything I felt I needed to write them down


Things I have learnt since the love of my life left


1, that I do not need everything now

2, that I need to not make my problems everyone else's

3, that I need to smile more

4, that just because it isn't happening now doesn't mean it won't

5, things take time

6, everyone else's opinion is irrelevant as long as you're happy

7, I need to not drink as much

8, I need to be better at communicating when I'm sad instead of just acting off until someone asks (or gets pissed off with my attitude)

9, I need to appreciate what I have when I have it and not wait until I've lost it

10, never to ever push someone who loves me to ever leave again

11, to stop basing my life and emotions on films/songs etx

12, to not worry about things that haven't or might never happen

13, never to try and push my wants onto someone else to the point where they resent me

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