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Things to do with gf


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Hi, I've been with my gf for 3 months now all relatively good, thing I'm finding difficult is finding things to do with her, she's had a really rough past which resulted in her being anorexic for a few years, she has only started recovering end of last year, basically she will only eat food she cooks so we can't go out anywhere to eat, she's not a big drinker either, I've taken her out to bars/clubs with my mates and each time she's said she found it awkward and this has basically resulted in my mates not being too keen on her as she comes accross as miserable and doesn't really speak as she's shy, this has happened on 2-3 occasions, so far we either chill at mine which I don't mind as we get on really well and still getting to know each other, cinema, bowling although she wasn't keen! Or head to London for day out, looking for suggestions for other things to do? Cheers

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