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Getting Discouraged


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Hi. I read daily, in various sections of the forum, and comment occasionally, but rarely post.


I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this, thank you in advance, from the bottom of my heart.


I was married and stayed home raising my children for a long time, then got divorced and re-entered the work force in 2010. I've been in the same dead-end job all this time. (Technically I'm with a Security firm, in a reception position, for a Fortune 500 company. But I have many skills, so I adopted a team that lost their admin support.....just to be helpful and alleviate boredom) so I do Admin Support for a team of 17......but get paid for security! With no benefits.


I'm job hunting, and getting very discouraged. I had an interview last week, friends (business-wise) with one of the interviewers, he tipped me off to the position and asked me to apply. Told me after that I aced the interview, they were impressed......had to interview internals and then would get back to me. Ok that was 8 days ago. I sent thank you notes to each interviewer afterward....(next day) Still no word. In the interview I really felt a connection, and I know I did a very good interview.




I have another interview (different company)tomorrow morning. I'm feeling so discouraged. Each time I take time off to interview I lose pay of course.


This position is an Executive Assistant. The HR rep is tough. (I had her for my phone interview). I am qualified......I make a great first impression, I'm fit, attractive, dress sharp, I'm very articulate and have nearly 19 years of office experience. I have prepared. But I am feeling hopeless. Not good.


I'm wondering, maybe I should seek out a job coach/resume coach.....I really don't have the money to pay for it. But what I'm doing is not working.


Thanks for any of you who read this! I realize I haven't asked for definitive advice. It's almost more of a vent.....still if anyone has any advice, I'm so appreciative. I love the people of ENA, you are all so awesome.


Thanks again!

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I wouldn't feel discouraged yet. The first job you interviewed for you probably lost out to someone internal. Its hard to compete with internal candidates.

I am a single mom out of work and I have been on 7 interviews in the past 6 months. I finally got a call back for a 2nd interview. I have an MBA and 20 years experience and I get rejected all the time. The competition is fierce, so many people are out of work. Maybe have someone look over your resume. You can probably find a free job coach at an employment agency. They make their money if they find you a job. Hang in there and keep trying.

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Don't be too discouraged. It's going to take quite few interviews to land the right job just keep going.


As for the first interview they could still be interviewing internally or waiting until the new year. Interviewing gets a little weird around the Holidays as sometimes the people making the final decision go on vacation.


I hope your interview today went GREAT!

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