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Thank you for the comment Sportster, but my original post was from this time last year. We actually did get back together after only a few weeks broken up and our relationship is so much stronger and things are wonderful now. (I wasn't sure if it would ever work out or not), but long story short, we got back together, realized we both made mistakes, and we're a much happier couple because of it. A year ago today we had broken up, a year later, we are on the verge of getting engaged. The pendulum can swing in the other direction (depending on the circumstances.) I added an update a couple posts up which is why this post got bumped back up to the top because I wanted to provide a positive update.


Merry Christmas!


Thanks for the update. That is fantastic to hear. Best of luck to both of you.

Merry Christmas

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Hey guys!


That original post was me two years ago today. I know I haven't posted in a while but wanted to let you know how things are going. Well I'm happy to say Sharon and I are doing great. We were broken up for about 6 weeks but got back together "officially" in February of 2014. We are still talking about getting married (and I have plenty of my friends asking us when we are going to get married, even Sharon has asked when we are going to get married.) That's a whole other story altogether, but I can tell you I do love her and want to marry her. We've actually been going to church and going through some "pre-engagement" counseling. (Also, the reason I haven't proposed isn't because of my feelings for her or anything like that, it's mainly financial reasons. We're both wanting to get some things straight in our careers and take care of some bills first. But I have one friend who says "Go ahead and ask her. You don't have to marry her tomorrow." So I've been brainstorming about proposing.)


Since we got back together, we have seen each other every weekend. We still live an hour apart (she lives in Baltimore, and I live in the suburbs of Washington, DC), but she has said she is willing to move here for us to be together (which makes sense, I already have a house, a job, and am well established so it would be a lot easier for her to move than me.) In a lot of ways we still act like a "new" couple. We have talked about the breakup on occasion, and she even admitted to me she dated other other guys in those few weeks we were apart (of course that was something I didn't really want to know, but she wanted to be honest.) Sometimes I think maybe her going out with other guys during that time was what made her realize she really wanted to be with me (she told me the other guys didn't treat her right at all.)


So anyway, two years ago today I was devastated. I didn't know what was going to happen. Later I took a risk, wrote her a letter, told her how I really felt about her, and things worked out. I am happy to say tonight her and I have a "date" I'm getting ready to drive to Baltimore tonight to go out with her and then she is coming here tomorrow. We're looking forward to Christmas next week and are already talking about our plans for next year.


I don't want to give out "false hope" to anyone on here because every situation is different. But I can say the time we were apart I kept having strong feelings that I should write her a letter and let her know how I feel (despite what some others were telling me.) For me, even if we hadn't gotten back together, I would have felt better knowing I at least let her know how I felt.I was willing to take the risk of it not working than being here today thinking "I wonder what would have happened had I sent that letter?" I didn't want to worry about "what if". I decided to take the risk so I would know for sure, and if it didn't work out, I could have looked back and said "I did the best I could."


She tells me every day how glad she is I did that and didn't give up on "us". I'm not saying that will work for everyone, but if you are broken up and you want that person back, try to think of it like I did. If you feel you didn't put everything you should have into the relationship, tell them that. But at the same time don't do it just to get them back.....make sure you are doing it because letting them know will make YOU feel better regardless of the outcome. I'm living proof that you can get back with someone and it can work. (Like I said, I was YOU this time two years ago.)


I guess it is kind of appropriate we get to have a "date night" on the anniversary of us breaking up. Tonight when we are cuddling and holding each other, I'm sure I will think about how sad I was this time two years ago not knowing if I would ever be able to cuddle her again. (And that was a bad feeling.)


Good luck and I will keep you posted from time to time. Merry Christmas

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It's been over 3 years since my original post and I do have some good news (and hopefully encouraging news) for you. We are now engaged and planning to get married next year! Looking back at those posts from December 2013 I was really a "mess", but I think during that one month "breakup" time I realized she was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Talk about a turn of events! That situation looked hopeless (and reading some of the comments people on here thought it was too!) I wrote her a letter, sent her the flowers, but more importantly, admitted why I thought my part was in causing her to leave (and it wasn't all my fault, it was both of us.) Since we got back together in early 2014, things have been great. I finally proposed last month and she has been on cloud 9 ever since. We're currently looking at venues to have our wedding (probably in the Washington, DC area. I checked into the White House but we can't get married there, ha ha!)


The best advice I can give you is this....while I don't want to give you 'false hope", I also want to ssay it's not always "hopeless". Just go back to my original post on this thread...I WAS you! I thought I had lost her for good and now we are engaged!


Good luck to all of you and I promise I won't be a stranger...I'll start spending more time on here to add my thoughts on your situations!


Getting back together DOES happen and I'm proof of that!

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