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Is it ever too late for "NC"?

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Don't know if I'm doing this forum right.


So we broke up about 2 months now. We were inseparable, even broken up. He always initiated contact, I rarely did.


Last month I lied and told him I had a bf, he disappeared a few days. He later messaged me saying he was away. A few weeks ago I mentioned getting on Skype. He said I should save that for my bf instead. I still haven't told him I'm actually single.


Anyways, every day we'd be in contact. Chilling, email, movies, games. About a week or two ago, we were spending hours on end together. We were actually getting that spark again, with a lot of flirts. It was amazing.


Then all of a sudden he didn't bother talking to me. He'd email me though. I asked to watch a movie, he agreed but never got to it Saturday we talked for abit before he went out drinking. We were supposed to hang out Sunday. He didn't come back home till yesterday. He still hasn't bothered to contact me. This is VERY unlike him. How can someone go from getting close once again to just not bothering to talk anymore?


I'm not gonna bother to contact him unless he does. I don't even know if he's just being too stubborn to hit me up first or he just don't want to talk to me. Yeah I still have feelings, but that never got in the way of our friendship, even during our two months of being broken up. Maybe he's got someone, maybe he was beginning to feel again. Probably no contact for a while should help me feel less desperate.

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Think I accidentally quoted you, new to this.


He broke up with me. One morning just randomly said he thought it'd be best to just be friends. I didn't really react. Just agreed. We stayed talking none stop till last week.


It hurts, but oh well. Better to know now than later down the line. If he ever contacts me, yeah ill reply. I still see him as a good friend. Ill leave him alone though.

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