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Struggling to lose the weight! Why is this happening!

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I will second the lemon water advice!


I have found when I get sidelined for a bit then pick back up..or start a new activity my muscles get more sore and with that soreness is actually swelling... my muscles want to hang onto water with everything they have. lol So that extra layer you can't get rid of might also be some water or bloating.


First thing in the morning I do half a lemon in about 6oz of water (I use the filtered water from my fridge door and microwave it for 1 minute so it's warm not hot) I use a generic hand squeezer and juice half a lemon into it and add a bit of honey. It's not delicious but it's not that bad either...and it works miracles! I do this maybe 4-5 days a week. Grab a couple lemons and give t a shot you have nothing to lose but weight.

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What i vaguely remember is that it breaks a plateau in your body. You keep your body guessing, it cant adapt - again, this includes training and diet. Also, a cheat meal boosts testosterone, so that cheat day isnt just a cheat or just for fighting adaptation, it does boost your testosterone.


that is why thor , I agree ....it is kick starting your metabolism again .

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Sounds to me like you have maybe had some anxiety/ sadness lately to do with the injury, and some emotional eating going on. Maybe incorporating more relaxing type exercises will help with that too?? It helps me. Cause anxiety etc. can really cause havok with your metabolism.


At 27, it's probably more to do with changes in your lifestyle right now than with age related slowage. And it's pretty individual too. It's funny because as we get a little older, we should be putting more emphasis on physical activity. Yet most people go in reverse; get older, so do less. Now is the time to keep up your good habits with physical activity! Maybe try some new sports too...


Yeah, i think you guys are right on the ball with this one.


Well I guess I didn't realize that by going to work AND school I was getting in a little bit of a workout, plus I never had time to eat too, so that helped... I quit work, cut my "workout" in half, done with school, Waiting till the first of the year to start work again (going up north in a week. Don't really wanna get hired on somewhere and ask for a week off first jump out of the shoot) I tried on my work pants that fit 6 weeks ago... They're to tight!


This too^^^^


I think i have been eating more due to having more time on my hands. I just finished finals, i know 100 percent i passed these last two classes bringing me up to 118 credits. So 1 more semester and i will finally graduate. Its funny how i have struggled a lot, but also i am noticing improvement in other areas. I like what you said about the swimming, although i don't have a membership to a pool or anything and don't plan on paying for one so that's not really a possibility.


Also, since i started this thread i took Thor's advice and stopped overworking myself so much and started sleeping some more and taking it kind of easy and realized that i wasn't really that fat at all. I think i have just been under a lot of stress lately, and have been eating more than usual to cope with it as well.


I really appreciate all the responses.



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