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I suck at dating and relationships, please help


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Hello, I'm 23 male. I've only had 1 girlfriend and we met in high school and dated throughout college. When we broke up, I went through 2 years of not seeing anybody or sleeping with anybody. This past year, I have slept with a ton of girls. I've never struck up a relationship with any of them. Most were little flings, some were 1 nights, things along that nature.


Recently I met this girl, she's 25. I'm finding myself surprisingly attracted to her, like, a lot. I want to talk to her and get to know her better... I want to smell her again, I want to hold her again, I want to be next to her again, feel her lips on mine, god it feels so weird typing and thinking these thoughts but it's the truth. We went out the other night, Friday night, watched the Hobbit and got drinks afterwards. I slept at her place (sadly I'm still at home so she will have to meet my parents and essentially be somebody real special to sleep at mine... and I think and hope she is) but we didn't have sex. Kind of a promise thing we made each other.


She has finals right now, she's a graduate student. We had made tentative plans to hang out tonight (Tuesday) but I canceled on them because she has finals and I didn't want to be interfering. Also a lot of my friends suggested I do this too. Now, we had made backup plans to go out Thursday night, her last day of finals. I texted her yesterday (Monday), we kind of had some small talk conversation most of the day. I told her I had a better backup plane in mind (Ice Skating, is this even a good idea?? instead of rock climbing). Eventually I went to sleep.


I didn't text her all day today (Tuesday). I don't even know when to text her next or what to say. Actually I know the more I think about it the bigger chance of a mistake, but I don't want to be super overbearing. She has a final on Thursday so I was thinking of just texting her tomorrow like "Hey how's it going?" or like "Hey good luck tomorrow" but I'm afraid of just kind of starting the conversation with a conversation ender. How do I approach this? Does anybody have tips? I'm so nervous. I like this girl, I can't wait to see her again. I hope I do see her again...


Thank you all so much for your help.


Edit: Should I randomly just call her tomorrow and skip the texting?

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