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ENA, Has anyone used the Ortho Evra Patch and gotten pregnant?


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Hi everyone,

So I've been using Ortho Evra for 4 years now, and so far no pregnancy. I've been married for almost 2 years and my husband would be okay with me getting pregnant. I was just curious because I went to the doctor to get a refill and they said that because of my weight, the patch may become ineffective. I took off my patch on Thursday Dec. 12, Its a weekly patch and I have to put it back on, on Thursday but I have yet to have any period. I have brown discharge only when I wipe. Nothing in the toilet, I put on a pad just in case but nothing on there either. The last time my husband and I had sex was Friday night but before that we had sex Sunday through Wednesday and then Thursday I took it off. How long should I wait before I take the test? I have medical insurance, should it be necessary to get a blood test or just wait it out? Should I put the next patch on if I don't get anything by Thursday? I don't want to harm the baby if in fact I am pregnant.

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