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Importance of NC from a different conscientiousness...

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I thought I might a slightly add a different view of the importance of No Contact. I seriously don't know where to start, but it was a thought that has been lingering in my mind....


The importance of NC apart from, "healing oneself" is to truthfully "know" why this is the case. I totally agree with the fact that it is "For You", but what I have found is that some people don't understand or "know" why that is, the saying "time heals all wounds" is true, but why is my question? Things make sense, but do you ask why it makes sense, apart from the fact that it's true or rather it's worked?


No Contact is important, but why? Well, the fact that no contact gives you time to understand... Understand what? If you look at the word understand, and split it in 2, you get "under" then you get "stand"... if you look at this word differently and physically you are actually under and your standing.. So Essentially your under someone else and your making them stand over you.


By the time you've "understood", is really the time you "know" and you are no longer standing under them. So you instead of actually understanding the meaning of "No Contact", it is far better to "know" the meaning of No contact.


Time is for self reflection, apart from learning from your mistakes, the feeling of being left naked or exposed... it also exposes who they really are..... as they have just as many clothes on as you have, that's right their naked also...


If someone breaks up with you, let it be. As it also serves a lesson to those that have hurt you, which is why time is a factor... It doesn't matter how long things take, whether 1 month, 1 year, 10 years, by that time you will "know", and when you know, you will be happy!


"Much Love" to all those that are hurting....


PS: I meant "consciousness" in the title.

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