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Will we ever be anything again?


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So I met this boy a year ago and really thought nothing of him until about a month ago. I had known he liked me for about a year now and I was told he liked me a lot and knew I didn't feel the same way and had attempted to move on but couldn't multiple times. Two months ago I finally realized how much I actually liked him and because I felt like he was such a safety, having liked me for so long, I let myself fall more in like with him. Nothing had ever happened between us and about a week before I wanted to tell him how I felt, he had gotten with another girl and I hadn't known. He then proceeded to tell me we would be nothing but friends and when I asked multiple times if there was someone else, he continuously told me no and when I told him how I felt it had no longer mattered to him because he had 'told himself he would not come back to me'. In the numerous times we talked afterwards, he would tell me how he got with this girl to get over me but he wishes he hasn't because he still has feelings for her. But this didn't change anything between us, of course he never left her to finally be with me. Eventually we attempted to be friends, which I know was a bad move but I never felt like he was putting in effort (this was about 2 weeks) and when I finally asked him to tell me how he really felt he told me he really wanted to be my friend still. However, I guess I got a little on his nerves with multiple messages that he completely cut me out and stopped responding to texts. This was about 3 weeks ago and when he sees me around he either avoids me or says hey and moves on. He is currently talking with this same girl.


I don't understand how someone can just stop caring but I assume that is what has happened as he has completely cut me out of his life. I really hope that at least a friendship comes out of this because I thought we were fairly close over this entire time but it doesn't seem like he will ever try to contact me. It really sucks because I miss him so much but it doesn't seem to matter to him at all that we went from talking everyday and him texting me everyday asking how everything was going to just not speaking to me at all. I don't know what to think but this gets me upset everytime because all I want is to here him say 'I miss you.'

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