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It's normal to be curious about your exes right? I'm getting curious again, but I don't want myself checking up on her and then potentially making it a habit again. I went the entire month of November without doing do, and in about 2 months I only 'stalked her' a total of three times. Last time I did that was about 1 Dec.


One of my good friends just went through a breakup, and he's been really depressed about it. He's been going on and on and on about it and asking me loads of questions about my breakup, about what happened and etc... It's making me relive the memories I had with my ex, both before and after the break up, and it's making me think of her more... He even asked me what if she comes back and says she want to get back together? A thought that I never thought for a long long time. I told him no though, she doesn't get to do that after disappearing away from my life.


We broke up in Feb 2013 btw, took me a long time to really move on from the relationship and I'm beginning to question if I'm truly over her because of this. I do have a new girl in my radar though.


I wanna know, do you guys think it's acceptable for me to keep tabs on my ex? I don't need to, I'm curious, but I don't want curiosity to get the better of me and it's bugging me at the same time. Thanks in advance

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