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Sometime you have to laugh, when you did stupid things after BU, it’s not worth

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BU with my ex BF 10 days ago, my life is up and down as normal, I am able to handle the pain, also it is normal you feel sad...

As I was trying to explain to my GF that my ex contact me last week after 8 days NC, he ask me for coffee, but I am not ready to meet him, so I declined, maybe I was too honest that let him know I am hurting, I cannot see him for now, I think he took wrong way... so my GF ask me to send our text to her, so she can let me know if my ex is Ass, or I hurt his feeling.. Instead I send this email to her, I sent to my ex!!!!!!! how stupid, so I have send other email to him say "opps- sorry-not for you", I was in panic, then I start laugh loud, as I am intelligent women, when you are emotionally not centered, you make yourself look so stupid... after this incident, I feel very light hearted, as I really think it is not worth for this... no one worth for your to explain everything, life is too short, why you waste your time for someone that not into you that much... you are intelligent human, you love and loved, not waste you time for someone do not know how to build meaningful relationship, I really not care anymore, contact or NC, you have live the life for yourself.


Text below is what I send to my ex I wondering what is thinking, I know it is too late... I still don't know why he ask for meet...


Do you have stupid story like this after BU, please tell






Him dog) says,"hope you're keeping warm!" (9AM with cute dog picture which I love)

me: same to him too! ( I was really busy during the day, so I replied in the night)



him: Haha. He is. He has two outfits total now. (around 9AM)

By the way, are you available to meet for coffee today for a few minutes? Doughnut Plant?

me: hey, can I ask the reason for meet? it is too early for us to meet, too fresh…

Him: OK, No problem. I'll drop off your stuff soon. Probably next week. Do you still have my iPhone 5 charger?

me: thanks for your understanding, as much as I love to see you and miss u...I will mail your iPhone charge to you soon, I will be home today, if you want drop off it is fine. stay warm!

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