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Positive Things when Overwhelmed


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Go to Nature. Go for a walk or just sit in a park, somewhere pretty and scenic.


Guided meditation. Get a CD, find a podcast. Try to meditate at least once a day.




Do cardio, something to get your heart pumping and release endorphins.


Watch a sad movie and have yourself a good cry.


Make yourself an awesome meal, while listening to your favorite album, drinking a glass of wine. Light some candles and set the table, romance yourself.


Buy a new fun pair of socks. Or shoes. Or a new eyeshadow. Spend an hour doing your makeup and hair and then go out and show yourself off.

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*loud music, either something with a dance beat or angry music--nothing else works, don't know why.

*activity--running, exercise, dancing, making the body move until I can't see and can't breathe.

*guilty pleasure movies that make me laugh - I hated Sponge Bob with a passion, being forced to endure him through three boys. And then the movie came along and I don't think I've ever laughed harder. I pop it in when I feel awful and it always makes me laugh. The scene where they end up in the biker bar especially....

*creating something. I draw, I paint, I write--one of those will always make me feel better and calm me down since I have to focus to do whatever it is I'm doing.

*A good book.



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There is no better stress reliever than working out. Other things that help me are getting a massage, pedicure, laughing, music, going for a drive in silence and as cheesy as it sounds, counting my blessings. I think about all the things that are awesome about my life, and remember darker times and that I am glad I got through those and life is good.

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1) I write down on a strip of paper one thing I am grateful for every day and I put it in my gratitude jar. After a month, there are a ton of strips in the jar, meaning that there is a ton to be grateful for in life. For example, I am grateful for the fantastic conversation I had today with my friend.

2) I go for coffee and have a good heart-to-heart conversation with my close friend

3) I get a massage

4) I go to an interesting cultural or social or community event and meet new people

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