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Should I cut my loses and go ahead and move on


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Okay so hopefully I'm in the right place if not please forgive me. I just need a little advice from some others. So I haven't been talking to this guy too long but I already feel as if things changed and I might just want to move on and get rid of any feelings of liking him/ wanting anything more. He's 26 and I just turned 21 not much of an age gap but sometimes I still feel a bit young because I don't drive and live with family and he also lives with his parents. So when we first started talking we both established that we didn't feel like playing games. He knew from the start I did not drive. It used to be that we text almost everyday but these past two weeks we haven't talked as much. So now it's gotten to the point where it's hard to see each other because we both work. So tonight we had previously planned to see each other, but he had to wait for his mom to go to sleep before I could come over (that sounds soooo highschool or something) so in the midst of waiting he says he wishes I could drive blah blah blah and he has no condoms. I'm like neither do I you should always carry them you being the guy and all. He then says this is too much trouble I'm going to bed night. I'm not sure what part is too much trouble, stopping to buy condoms, trying to sneak around like we're kids, or just having to pick me up also like I'm a kid. Or maybe it's just all of it as a whole. So at this point I'm like so do I just say it and move on. We spend a lot of time talking about sex so does that mean that all we're ever going to do/be. I've done that whole sex with no relationship thing and that's not what I'm trying to do again. Or should I take this as a sign of an upcoming thing where he never text me again and when I do text him I'm ignored. I feel like I'm getting hints already but I tend to overthink and assume things. Can anyone help me with this jumbled up mess of a post.

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