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Would appreciate some advice in my situation =)


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Hey all,


I don't often reach out for advice when it comes to dating; but my recent past with love leaves me not wanting to screw up again. You can read through my post history to find out how my fiancé became my ex-fiancé, and how that really affected me; but I feel as though I'm over that situation, and have been ready to think about being with other people again.




For the past few years, I've had a really good friend I met in Uni. We still hang out a ton, we still chat almost every day, et cetera. We're good friends; but I recently realized I have a ton of feelings for her. I mentioned that I do have feelings for her, and that I would like to ask her out someday; but she said, at the moment, we should focus on being friends. She's never been in a serious relationship, and is nervous about pursuing one. I respect that, and have not pressed the feelings any further (we still spend plenty of time together) but, to be honest, I'd still love to pursue something with her.


Do you guys feel it'd be better to lay back, and focus on the friendship? Or should I be honest, and take a huge risk? I mean... I really doubt it would ruin our friendship, but I have a ton of fear of losing people since what happened a few years ago.



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