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Do people ask acquaintances out on fb?


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I went to a huge high school, like over 6000 people were at my high school. I left the state for college and now have moved back. I am friends with some people on facebook that I went to high school with, some of which I never really knew in the first place. Anyway I have noticed a couple females who I used to have a crush on in high school are still single and live in the area. One in particular sent me a friend request a few months back. I never was friends with any of them though, and the one who sent me the friend request I can honestly never remember having any conversations with her ever. I am really shy as it is so I have a hard time asking girls out, but I wondered if it is common to ask people out on facebook over messenger or would that be considered creepy? And what should I say? Like I don't really even know these people, other than basically who they are and what they post on facebook and that we have some friends in common.

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