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had sex with girl of my dreams for the first time


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So I've been dating this girl for a little over a month now, and we have developed a pretty strong connection with each other. Taking things slow (relatively for us), taking the time to get to know each other, simply just having a blast together and exploring each other as individuals. Last night she invited me to a party that she was hosting. I didn't really know anybody there, but I got along with all of them. They're all very interested in doing energy work, mass meditation, group consciousness, and all that jazz. So naturally I got along with all of them and had a freaking blast.


The best part about it was I was a little nervous about sleeping over because I had never really bonded with somebody so well BEFORE having sex. I was suddenly anxious when I'm normally confident, and I was legitimately worried for really no reason at all other than I actually gave a about how our first time would be. So she's a massage therapist so she's very touchy feely, and I love skin to skin contact on an intimate level. We went upstairs and wasted no time at all, everything happened very naturally and had a beautiful flow to it. I absolutely loved every second of it, and savored the moment like it would never end. Every time I thought we were done, we would start making out and work ourselves up again for release after release of tension, energy, and sexuality. Three wondrous hours of two souls touching each other in such an intimate way for the first time. I am EXTREMELY happy to say the least. All of my stupid worries with this girl, have completely gone out the window and I am loving where we are at right now. Things are beautiful in life right now, and everything is as it should be.


Just needed to get that out because I so thoroughly enjoyed myself, and I loved pleasing her and being pleased by her. Blossoming of something epic. and fantastic, can't wait to see where this wave takes us.

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