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A journal of Moving On from my EX


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I don't know where to go from where I stand at the moment. I feel like i am just hanging in the thin air of my own space.

All know is I miss you so terribly.

I never thought I will say this nor would even feel this but I really wish I could turn back the time --- those times when you still care and love me.

I can't help but regret my actions that led you to finally moved on from me and found someone else.

I know that everything change, and that includes people's emotions.


I am in deep pain. Well , you don't know that.

Why should I tell you when you don't even care anymore about me.

But I am really in deep pain knowing that you finally gone out of my life.

Is there anything I can do to have you back again? I wish this is all but just a nightmare that I can wake up to and have you back in my life again.


It's really true the saying that you don't know what you got until they are gone.

I wished I knew better.

I am so darn stu*** to having walked out from you.. to broke us apart.

I miss everything about you. I miss everything about us.


Gosh, it hurts like hell most especially knowing now that you've fallen much more deeply to someone else.

Hearing how you feel about her literally broke me into pieces.

I was wrong to have let you go.

But it's way too late now.

now all I can do is reminisce about the past, read your emails you sent to me before and those undying love you used to tell me.

I know it's my fault why you changed.. I chased you away from me.. I did not know better

I thought I needed that space.. I thought I didn't love you anymore

It's now too late...


Don't worry I don't intend to disturb the life you're having now.

I don't intend to bring back the past with you. Neither do I want to still talk to you again.

I am jsut writing my thoughts right now as this is now the only way I can admit to myself everything that I feel about you.


Gosh I still love you...

I hope you are happy ...

If only I can turn back time... I would

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