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Move on or try harder ? Advice please

Random girl

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So I have been with my bf for more than 2 years now. We both love each other and I am very certain of that. Everything between us is perfect yeh we have our ups and downs but we get over those things.. There's only one problem though last year he told me that he could not marry me because of his culture. But I still stayed with him thinking Maybe his family would change their mind... His family wants him to marry someone in their family not me. He has tried convincing his parents and I myself have talked to his parents but they think it's a horrible idea and that we are really not in "love" because of our age. We are both 18 years old ..I know it's way too early for us to think about marriage but I don't want to waste several years and then have him marrying some other girl.

He tells me that he is as upset as I am and that he feels helpless

At the moment he's overseas and there is a chance that he might get engaged ...

If he does get engaged I will not cry over him because I know if I were in his place I would have never gotten engaged ... It's his loss not mine

But my question is ... If he doesn't get engaged and he returns... Do I continue having a relationship with him or do I move on ?

Even after all this I still have hope that maybe things will change and we can have a future together


Any advice would be much appreciated



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Yeah best thing to do here is to...move on. You are very young, when I was 18 I was in love with this girl. We got married when I was about 20, we just got divorced this past September. Things happen, and people become different as they grow up. Not saying that you are immature or anything, but definitely life happens, and some people change and adapt to it flawlessly, while others are left in the dust wondering what happened while picking up the pieces to their broken hearts. Regardless though...change happens, and circumstance will likely deal you a more culturally compatible love

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