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Saw my old friend who was almost my first GF.


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I feel like an idiot, but for some reason this girl was the only person I was able to fully open up. It got to the point that after being friends for 3.5yrs she tells me she had a crush on me the day we meet. She also said she wanted to have sex to me, since we were practically dating. Holding hands and all that.


We had dinner and she held my hand and I felt this strong energy from her. I look up and she is glowing. And I started blushing like an idiot. I had an amazing time, but I got very frustrated when we kissed in my car. I felt absolutely nothing. I mean.... Nothing at all. I don't feel anything from a kiss? I also experienced a lot of tension and it felt like my heart was going to exploded. We deceide to do this a different night. Slower. I assume I have to get use to kissing.


Which was fine, because I wanted to go on other dates and we made plans. A day after she enters this relationship. I was crushed and angry, but I got over it fast because I know I acted weird. About 8months later she started to text me and I learned she never even liked the guy. I know I shouldn't but I got very jealous and angry.


Eventually I bump into her and while she was trying to talk to my sister and I. I said goodbye and walked away from her. i could tell from her body language that she was extremely happy to see me and she was hurt that I walked away from her. She dated another guy and I thought she blocked me on FB but it turns out she was starting a job and temp. unactivated her account. I defriended her because I thought she was done wiht FB. I messaged her that I was sorry and that she meant the world to me. She says she has a bf now, so I wrote 'This isn't a good idea, hope things work out'.


They broke up, She's dating some guy and I'm upset because I lost her as a friend as she was probably the only one I really had. From out first date till now, it's been 2 1/2yrs. I saw someone that looked a lot like her and someone that knows what happen between her and I suggest, that I talk to her.


I did and it was okay, then I asked her lets start over as friends and talk in person. She got maddddddddddd....... Said for me to leave her alone and that she hates me. Fine whatever. The month later she texted me happy bday on my bday which was a surprise. Today I saw her at the train.


We kind of talked, she looked happy to see me but uneasy. I didn't even know she was standing right in front of me. We kind fo talked but I felt very uneasy. I felt like there's a huge wall to go past and I know she is dating someone. Does she miss me? Does she wants to be friends again? Does she think about me? Or did she just felt pity for me?


We wished each other merry christmas and she got off a few stops later. I could tell, she wanted more from the conversation but what does she want from me? She ignored me to date some other guy she didn't even like. Then realize he sucked and tried to be with me, I got jealous and walked away and now......


I on the other hand was trying hard not to get emotional.


What is going on her mind? And why is this driving me nuts?

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I suggest you just leave her be, as she wishes. It IS sad, when this happens 'between friends', but that's the cost & loss of going there.. with a friend. The friendship often gets affected as well.


For now, leave this alone, as you both should be tending to your own lives for a while--apart.


Often, when a couple breaks up, they can't be 'friends'. Not until or unless those 'feelings' you have are gone.

In the meantime, you go your separate ways to heal over this loss.


Less contact the better in order to heal properly.

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