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Girlfriend is asking for gifts

Is there hope

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Hello fellow forum readers,


I have provided a background story of my experience if a recent break-up in previous posts on this forum ('what does this behavior mean', 'from relationship conflict to break up').


Today I found two emails in my inbox from my ex-girlfriend.


The first one was to ask me to recall the time, when we were still together, I told her I wanted to give her something as she had just completed a milestone in her academic pathway.


The second one was to tell me that I had obviously regretted doing something for her yet again.


I find this rather strange coming from her after all I had done in the past but mostly angry that she speaks to me this way.


Thank you for reading.

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That's kind of funny. She is a user and taking you for a fool....ouch...still funny that she is brazen enough to actually ask.


This is one of those of moments that I like to call "break up validation". If you had any doubts or pains about your break up, this is definitely a moment that should set you free from all that and leave you feeling glad you two are done.


Delete, don't even humor her with a response, move on and don't look back. Definitely dodged a bullet here.

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Go ahead and either BLOCK HER email -- or, if you can't block on your server, make a new email address for yourself on Gmail, where you CAN block, and use that instead.


She'll continue to contact you with her nasty little missives as long as YOU leave the door open. So..... close the door!



What does your ex want for Christmas? A pony?


^^ Hahahhaaaa!

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