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Too much to soon


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Met another guy online. Messaged him yesterday cos his pic was him playing guitar so I just asked where in underground station I could go and see him playing. He said he plays at different stations and if I was around on Wednesday. I work a lot so said I'm super busy with work Monday to Friday. Messages back and forth for an hour, he said he works as a policeman as well and does social work too. Said I could watch him on YouTube singing, gave me his name so I found him and he is really good. So then wanted exchange numbers which I don't do in first day but we started whatsapp. He texted today wanted to meet up and I said I'm at work till midnight and early start tomorrow , I'm on 12-14 hrs shifts during Christmas. I said let's meet up on weekend. He said fine. Then few hrs later texted asking if I could see him even for an hour this evening cos he wants to meet me. I said I'm busy and can't . Then few hours later another message that he wants to see me. We started talking yesterday. He is French and I'm in France but from a different country. When he found out yesterday where I was from he said " oh no I just split up with my girlfriend and she was from the same country cos she was really cold. Are you affectionate"?

I was like , huh???

I messaged him after work today and he messaged back "call me if you want"

Ok maybe everyone is different but I haven't even met this guy in person so it kind of freaks me out that he is acting this way as I think he is looking for a rebound? Cos if you meet up with sb and know u are attracted to them it is a different story

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