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Problem with my virgin girlfriend. What should i do ?


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so im 20 years old and my girlfriend is 21 . im not a virgin and she is . (she has done everything else except actual intercourse)

5 months in the relationship and i dont see things going forward .

i love her, really do , but physically we have done nothing.

On the emotional level things are great and i couldn't be happier , but whenever i even try to go further , she always says that it is too soon in the relationship (oral, sex, making out).

Already talk to her about this, and she says that it is too early in the relationship , and told me to wait a bit.

She is not religious and she is not waiting for marriage to do it .

One of my biggest problems is that i know for a fact that in her past relationship she has done oral and stuff (except actual sex) with her ex boyfriends, very soon (like 4 months in a relationship).

So i am i different than the others ?

I don't want to force her, i really don't , but now its starting to get to a point that i feel that she is not attracted to me and will never be physical with me. i asked her that and she said that im the most beatifull men accross the earth for her.

But this is killing me ... im not a guy that only wants sex but a relationship needs to have a certain intimacy level ?

what should i do ?

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Whether or not she has done it in the past doesn't matter. What matters is that you both can come to an agreement on the role of physical intimacy in your relationship. You need to talk to her about your needs, listen to her, and determine if you two should stay together.

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Im in a hole because i got it from seeing her chat logs in facebook , i really didnt mean to but it just happen

Oh...you got it from snooping in her private chat logs!!!

Good luck with that....telling her you snooped and found out about her previous sexual, but technically still a virgin, escapades.

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