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Ex now in 'fling' with a friend, what should I do?

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So, leading on from my last story. (Posted here )


After our small talk 2 days ago I've left everything for now, we talked for a while yesterday but it was fairly odd. At first I messaged her asking if everything was okay, that lasted around 5 minutes. Then some hours later she texts me randomly "Uhh, I don't know anymore." I sent back "?", We had a small conversation from there as yet again people are pushing her down saying she can't get a guy, I tried to be sympathetic with her, but acted somewhat distant throughout until she just stopped replying so I'm not putting myself forward to be another emotional tampon to her.


I found out somewhat earlier she's particularly close with one of her old friends that she's never even met, she posted on his wall (With facebook's stupid new follow feature it came up for some odd reason, I resorted to just unfollow her posts) a inside joke between them two with a heart followed by some comments in somewhat a sexual nature. Even though she was raped about a year ago? Is this even normal behavior?


Regardless since yesterday I've just gone completely NC. she'll ignore me until I do something (Like post a status, share a photo etc) with no actual connection and try to make a conversation out of it, such as two months ago we had a fight, me and my friend had a conversation on my wall about what song to use for a project (I'm a media student btw) when she randomly popped up and said "..hey, heard you were looking for a song. why don't you use our song?".


As said I've gone NC, I know given some time she'll come back and start over the "I really missed you" **** again, for the past two/three days she has been fairly off, erratic behavior logging in and out of facebook every hour or so for no reason, I feel that there's trouble between them two and she's distancing herself from everybody. but just in case there is, here is where I need some advice.


What should I do now?

Should I just keep on ignoring her?

How should I act if she contacts me?




Note: I know they won't last, although she's got a picture of him on Instagram with all these tags ("Hot" "Perfect" etc) he lives 90 miles upcountry and they've never even met, both have gotten closer before and each time they split up over something. I'm already over our relationship, however her asking to be friends then throwing me out like this is really getting on my nerves.

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